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“How much money can I save?”

That depends…

It is illegal for real estate companies to conspire together to set a rate they will all charge Sellers. BestHomes4U typically charges a 6% commission to list and sell your house (Vacant Land is 10%). Half of this 6% (3%) is paid to the Listing Office (BestHomes4U) and half is paid to whoever sells the property.

If you list your home through BestHomes4U – and buy your next home through us – we will refund our portion (the Listing Office portion) of the commission you paid. The amount of money you save depends on the sale price of your home… here are some projections:

Sale Price                              Approximate Savings

$100K                                                   $3,000

$150K                                                   $4,500

$200K                                                   $6,000

$250K and Over                               A LOT!

You only pay a commission when your home sells.

When you buy your next home through BestHomes4U, we will write you a check for our share of the Listing commission you paid when you sold through us.

“How does it work?”

We will list your home on the MLS just like other offices.

As far as the paperwork is concerned, we do everything everyone else does:

  • Prepare the listing paperwork for your home
  • Take photos for inclusion with your listing
  • Submit your listing to the MLS through the West Michigan Lakeshore Association of REALTORS (WMLAR)

The difference comes at the closing table when you buy your next home through BestHomes4U… that’s when we’ll give you a check equal to the Listing portion of the commission you paid BestHomes4U!

“What price should I ask?”

That is entirely up to you… but we’ll help you determine a price that is realistic.

There are a couple of hard and fast rules in real estate:

  1. The Buyer determines how much s/he is willing to pay
  2. The Sellers determine how much they are willing to accept

Anyone can tell you that your house is worth several million dollars, but if no one is willing to pay that much… is it really worth it? You can set an asking price for your home that is above what Buyers are willing to pay for a similar home, and all your home will do is sit on the market… and help to sell the other homes!

We will show you what homes that are similar to yours have sold for in the recent past. You can use this information to determine a reasonable asking price for your home, or ignore it – the choice is yours. Keep in mind, however, that Buyers are looking at the same data when they determine how much to offer you for your home.

A competitively priced home will sell more quickly (and for more money) than a home that sits on the market and eventually reaches a realistic price.

Think of it this way: Buyers who can afford to pay you what you will ultimately take for your home may not even look at it if it is priced too high.

Set a reasonable asking price and then stick to it when negotiations begin; your home will sell more quickly and for more money than if you price it above what the market will bear.

“Can I Advertise?”

You are free to advertise your property as you see fit.

BestHomes4U will promote your property online, through the Multiple Listing Service and myriad other sources (see some of them here). If you want to advertise in the newspaper, on Craigslist.com (or other classified sites), take out a billboard, whatever, you are welcome to do so.

The only thing that is required in your advertising is that it clearly states that the property is “listed for sale.” All other content (subject to fair housing guidelines) is up to you.

“Can I have Open Houses?”

Absolutely. You can have as many Open Houses as you want!

We’ll even help you promote them through the MLS, but we won’t be able to attend all of them! Your goal is the same as ours – to get your house sold – so we welcome anything you want to do to promote it. This includes advertising, open houses, standing on the corner twirling a sign… whatever you want to do… but we won’t always be available to assist you.