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About Us


Welcome to BestHomes4u.com the only place you can receive undevided loyalty when you buy a home or investment property!  

We are the only real estate office in West Michigan who can unequivocally represent your best interests as a Buyer.

It used to be that all real estate agents represented the Seller, and everyone accepted it. I was trained as a buyer at IBM, have degrees in Purchasing and Financial Administration from Michigan State, and I realized that something needed to change. Back in 1998 I started representing only Buyers in my real estate practice. Unfortunately, since I was working with a “traditional” company at the time, we also listed properties for sale. 

In 2002 I decided to cut ties from Sellers and start BestHomes4U so that I could dedicate 100% of my efforts – and 100% of my loyalty – to Buyers. 

I was ahead of my time, and many of my peers didn’t realize the difference between what I was doing and what they did… and many still don’t. Like most pioneers, the ones blazing new trails take the majority of the “arrows,” and I received more than a few. Thankfully, at about that same time, the State of Michigan started emphasizing the different types of Agency available to people, and they (along with my peers) started to understand. It has been nearly 20 years since I broke the mold of traditional real estate and started exclusively representing Buyers. 

We look forward to working with you and helping you find the property that best fits your particular situation. And don’t worry – since we work for you instead of with you – you’ll receive 100% of our loyalty 100% of the time!

All the best,

Steven Bond Benson

“Your Special Agent”